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Music Video

Let us create a good music video for you.  The purpose of a music video is to supplement the song, which we have mastered. 

crazy good


A day of music video shooting up to 10 hours. You own all rights (though we do ask some social posting rights, however not needed) Includes up to 10 hours of filming, producing and directing the shoot and includes the crew.  Editing and effects included if needed. With full gear load out.  

Get up to 6 hours of filming your music video. Includes directing and producing. Multiple locations if needed.  Shared rights to uploading to YouTube and short form social posting. Includes crew, editing, and effects if needed.

really good


good (recommended)


Includes a half day performance based music video up to 4 hours. Video will be posted to good's Youtube "a good time" Music Video Series. You have all rights to posting on short form socials. Includes minimal crew, editing, and effects if needed.

Yes, FREE.  You only pay for location if needed. Includes up to 3 hours of performance based music video in one location. Included as part of the "a good time" Music Video YouTube series.  Shared uploads on short form socials. $100 refundable deposit if shoot happens on scheduled shoot date.  Non-Refundable if rescheduled. The fun catch. You must refer one other artists and they must schedule a shoot with us.  Can be any package including FREE.



*Price does not include location, props, and other expenses for the shoot.  This price is for good's time producing, shooting, and editing with a 3 man crew. additional expenses likely 

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